Want an unfair advantage over your competition... without cheating?

Who cares about fair? Life isn’t fair. All’s fair in love and war… and business! So, how can we change the game for you so that you have the advantage, even if it’s unfair to your competition? That’s easy. We’ll just give you something that will make your customers loyal to you, so they won’t be interested in your competition. They’ll only have eyes for you!

Loyalty isn’t difficult. People are loyal to the things they believe are important, and to the people that believe they’re important. So, what can we give you that will create this feeling between you and your customers? I’ll tell you: it’s something that will make their lives easier, and they’ll love you for it. And, it’s something that will make your life easier, and you’ll love them for that.

What if we could take all the hassle out of doing business for you and your customers? What if we could eliminate everything that makes it difficult, complicated, frustrating, dissatisfying, unproductive, unprofitable? I thought you’d like the unprofitable part. But, seriously, don’t you think that if you gave your customers what they wanted – a satisfying buying experience – that it would be profitable for you in the long run? Because, naturally, they’d keep coming back.

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So, how do we do it? How do we take all the negatives out of doing business so that only the positives – including greater profitability – are left? Is it a trick? Is there a formula involved? Is it an expensive piece of software you’ll have to buy? What if I told you that it is something that already exists in your system, that you are not using and are probably unaware of, and that all we’re going to do is point it out and show you how to use it? Wouldn’t that be worth investigating?

As I said before under “Want to drive your business through the roof...” we’re in the business of converting problems into solutions by changing difficult, complex situations into easy, simple ones. That’s it in a nutshell. And it doesn’t involve slight-of-hand. What it does involve is the Internet: the Internet is the key to doing business today, but very few businesses are utilizing it effectively. They’re still stuck in the pre-Internet business world, and that world has taken its place alongside the Ice Age, Stone Age and Middle Ages. We’re living in the 21st Century, the age of Buck Rogers, and it’s time we started acting like it!

Now, some of you are saying, “Oh-h-h… so that’s what this is about: the Internet. I already know pretty much everything there is to know about that.” Do you? Then why are you still using sales techniques like, “Here’s what we’ve got, take it or leave it. And how many can I put you down for?” or, “Here’s our 1,000 page, 10,000 item catalog. Hope you find something in there you can use.” (I’m not sure those approaches ever worked, but we seem to act like they did, once.) Sales people that are plugged into the 21st Century are asking questions like, “Who are you? What makes you tick? And how can I help you tick better?” That’s because selling today is about relationships - or, if you prefer, customer satisfaction.

Solutions that build customer satisfaction so they keep coming back to you is what we’re offering, and it’s something your competition doesn’t have if they’re like 95% of the businesses out there. That’s how to build loyalty in your customers. That’s how to gain an unfair advantage over your competition. And it takes one of two things: either a lot of time, or a really good strategy. We’re offering the latter.

CoreXpand will increase your customer retention through customer loyalty program, internet marketing strategies, supply chain strategy, and much more. Contact us today to learn more.

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