Catalog-4-ONE Features

Catalogs and Programs on the fly

Catalog-4-ONE allows you to create websites and programs on the fly, and to manage them effectively. You'll be able to
  • individualize on-line catalogs or e-commerce sites for your customers
  • automate order replenishment
  • sell and promote new product lines and sales channels
  • create incentive and reward programs to promote loyalty, retention and safety
  • create recognition and service award programs
  • create rebate, co-op, gift certificate and coupons programs
  • create company stores and do brand promotions
  • launch e-mail marketing campaigns and promotions

An online marketplace

Catalog-4-ONE allows you to create an online marketplace where you can coordinate your preferred vendors and consumable supplies, thereby optimizing your vendors’ performance and supplies.
  • allow your preferred vendors to exchange their orders and update their status
  • create and manage a product and supplier catalog database
  • view and access filters for products and pricing
  • order and manage supplies
  • manage fulfillment and inventory
  • forecast trends
  • consolidate and group purchases

Customer service

Catalog-4-ONE gives your customers the ability to access all the information they need to do business and participate in your programs. All customers have their own unique account center and can
  • view order status, history and order pending information
  • access incentive, reward and recognition program point information
  • keep track of budget allotment availability
  • manage personal ID and password
  • automate e-mails, communicating order and program confirmations and status

Purchasing controls

Catalog-4-ONE provides purchasing controls and visibility on your spending by user. Spending amount can be set by dollar, percentage, open balance (both depleting and non-depleting) and one-time use. The purchasing process will be expedited, the ordering process steamlined, and purchasing methods set using one, or any combination, of the following:
  • purchase orders, credit cards and points
  • gift certificates and coupons
  • account and cost center coding
  • pre-set spending limits or open budget dollars
  • automated approval process

Interconnecting your data systems

Catalog-4-ONE interconnects your data systems, streamlining your information flow from one system to the next. (May require additional fees.)
  • interconnect accounting and operation systems
  • update warehouse inventory
  • update order receipts and status for single- or multiple-supplier orders
  • punch out to procurement systems (Ariba, Commerce One, etc.)
  • pass intra-net and extra-net user credentials through a secure portal
  • upload participant and user information

Information and reports

Catalog-4-ONE gathers your information and generates your reports, assisting you in decision-making, forecasting and budgeting.
  • track sales by store, program, product, user-group, etc.
  • track participants’ purchasing levels, methods of payment and budget
  • track participants individually, by program, points balance, target, etc.
  • review order status and history
  • review product status by interest level and purchasing activity
  • design customized reports
  • report inventory levels and availability

Expediting your order cycle

Catalog-4-ONE expedites your order cycle, helping you place and route orders, manage inventory, and receive accurate and reliable deliveries.
  • capture key information (user info, budget, cost center, etc.) at time of order
  • calculate shipping and tax at time of order in real time
  • track and communicate order status
  • view progress reports for all orders sent and waiting to ship
  • view all details for individual orders
  • track information for line-item products from key drop-ship suppliers
  • have real-time inventory options and reports
  • adjust limits on allowable quantities for purchase or back-order
  • adjust limits on re-order pars
  • automatically e-mail inventory replenishment information

Getting started

To get started with Catalog-4-ONE, call our sales department at 1-800-226-0834, or e-mail Call today for a free webinar by one of our experienced business analysts. If you're ready to end the waste in your supply chain and put that money back into your business, you're ready for Catalog-4-ONE.
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