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Thousands of businesses… millions of users… have bought and sold billions in goods and services using Catalog-4-ONE.

That’s why CoreXpand is quickly becoming the new standard for doing business across many industries. We are currently running well over 2,000 programs world-wide.

Which companies are using Catalog-4-ONE?

Distributors and manufacturers are our typical clients; but companies of all sizes in all industries can benefit from Catalog-4-ONE.

Here’s just a partial list of companies using Catalog-4-ONE today:

AAA American Express AT&T
Chevron Cisco CITGO
Coca-Cola Dannon Diebold
Exxon FedEx First Franklin
Healthnet Hertz Jeld-Wen
McGraw Hill Motorola Pulte Homes
Schlumberger Shell Oil Siemens
Sprint Texas Public Schools Toshiba
US Bank

How do they use it?

Here are some of the websites that use Catalog-4-ONE:

optimize supply chain

develop internet marketing strategy

build a base of loyal customers

What's the number one thing Catalog-4-ONE does?

Simplification. Catalog-4-ONE simplifies everything, so it's easier to manage and control. Simpler is always better. No one wants to have to deal with a complex system. Catalog-4-ONE simplify things, mind you, without replacing anything you're currently using. It may seem like magic, but it's really just a matter of placing a simpler, user-friendly layer over the system you're presently using.

After that, I would say consolidation. Catalog-4-ONE consolidates everything so it's at your - and your customers' - finger tips. There is no reason to have everything scattered here, there and yonder. By bringing everything together into one place, you'll have the ease and control you need to see what's going on and deal with it effectively.

After simplifying and consolidating your supply chain, the sky's pretty much the limit. We can help you optimize your supply chain, develop an internet marketing strategy, improve your supply chain's visibility, set up a customer loyalty program, improve your marketing communications... you name it!

create individualized online catalogs

Simplification and consolidation are the two things Catalog-4-ONE does best.

How long has CoreXpand been around and how big are they?

CoreXpand has been in business since 1999. Before that, we were a wholesale distributor selling promotional products. Today, we're a multimillion dollar enterprise processing well over $2 billion in sales transactions annually.


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